CV/ERJON B. Hatillari:


Greek, English, Albanian and Italian


3d model, Photoshop, Illustrator, Keyshot and Sketching

How you can find me:

Honors and Awards:
2013 - Top 10 | BiC Shavers Competition
2011 - INART Design Competiton 2011

Project/Tree Sharpener:


Project/EdA chair:

@import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; The EDA chair is a project of a economical chair with only one type of material.Luxurious,comfortable and functional are the words that experess better this this project,there is also room to put small objects.
Design And Design International Award

Project/Sony Bluetooth Headsets :

This product is inspired by the notebooks of sony vaio,it has the two different colors of the on/off button (green,orange).It fits perfectly with sony culture and you can use it to hear music wireless from your notebook or your mobile phone and  for audio convertations.

Project/Graphic Design:

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The Real Beast
Reventon vs 458 artwork
Alfa Romeo 8c
T-shirt design submission for ONE condoms.

Project/Ροη Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Packaging:


@import url(; @import url(; @import url(; Sail is new napkin holder in a cute shape of a sailboat that will carry all your napkins.

Project/ent Chair:


Project/BiC One-Motion:

BiC One Motion is a new and innovative razor which favors fast and clean shaving thanks to its specially designed blade.

 Everyone who uses razors for their shaving has to deal with the same problem; hairs getting stuck between the blades make the process of fast and easy shaving almost impossible and force you to many repetitions. After many tests with ordinary (both one & multiple use) razors I found that the problem is caused from the combination of shaving foam & water which causes the hair to stuck on the blade, making it less sharp.

While in regular razor blades hairs get stuck because of the large surface of the blade, BiC One Motion eliminates this problem. The basic idea behind One Motion is that by reducing the surface of the
blade, hairs will now have no space to get stuck on, so they will fall behind the blade.

My main goal is, if not to fix the problem completely, to minimize it so that we can achieve a fast and easy shaving with as few movements as possible. Hence the name One-Motion.


How would you feel if somebody told you that you can have hot water just by using hot water?

Nowadays, due to the rapid technological progress, there are various ways to have hot water in our houses for our everyday needs. My personal ambition was to create another completely new, ergonomic and more effective way to do so. And that's when I came up with the H-ring.
The letter H stands for hydroelectric energy, a form of energy which is produced from the motion of the waves and can be used instead of the traditional forms of energy that we commonly use. The whole idea is that a specially formed ring is put in the tube of the hot water in the plumbing pipes of the building. When the tub is turned on, a propeller which is attached to the ring, rotates because of the water flow. This whole mechanism will cause the temperature of the water to rise thus giving us hot water for our everyday needs.The H-ring consists of one rotator two layers of wires, to put it simply the rotating ring will cause the water to flow faster thus making it even hotter
In addition I should mention that every part of both mechanisms will be made entirely of iron which is not only water resistant, meaning it will not wear out, rust but is also the second best heat conductor of all metal

Project/Giko fan:

A very modern design which is also very functional. As temperature has risen this electric fan is the perfect product for every home or office. Why use an air condition or an every day fan, which not only they are distasteful for the eye but also very expensive?

  In a UFO shape, it can go up too 90 cm high, and 10x more effective than any other electric fan. It uses less electricity, which leads to a cheaper way of cooling of. Inspired by an alien figure it stands on three spider-like legs. The “head” is a sphered shape which is safe because the distance of the holes it will be so close so you cannot put your finger inside, and with the four blades which move in a circular form.
  On the top of the cage, there is an on/off button, which also adjusts the volume of the fan. The blades have a curved form, just like every other fan only, that the whole blade is curved, whereas an everyday fan is curved in a particular spot. This fact gives this particular fan the advantage that it sends air in every direction. As mentioned before it is cheaper, because it does exactly the same movement with other fans but from a different angle, using the same amount of energy but producing more air than a common fan. Last but not least, the motor will be placed underneath the cage and will include the cord cable, which will be at least 10 meters long.

Young Creative Talent Night Contest Poster

Project/Lotto Ticket Nail Buff:

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Project/Xbox One Headset:

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Try the new generation headset by Xbox for great in-game communication. 

Is designed to combine great comfort for long gaming sessions, functionality and with the crystal-clear sound you won't miss a chat. Without taking your hands off the controller and your eyes of the monitor you can mute/unmute and even adjust the volume right from the controller. Find the the perfect height with the rotatable microphone and it uses edge adjustable mic for comfort and clear capture voice.

Lightweight, eye-catching and comfortable, the all new Xbox headset is here to stay.


@import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; H2RM stands for Horn Heart Rate Monitor, the concept behind this design is to be able to monitor your cardio while exercising or in your daily life to have a more accurate info about your health. this device doesn't depend on any other devices such as those in the market already that have to sync with either your phone or some smart device which is not convenient at all. So the improvement right here is the non-dependent device that also has the capabilities to communicate to other smart devices to share additional info, but primarily it works as a stand alone device integrated to your sports ear buds and this device also allows you to control all of your phones media library with its three button rubber side that also has a mic for phone calls capabilities.@import url(;

Project/Keyboard Contact Lens Case:

Contact Keys Lens Case
Contact Keys Lens Case
Contact Keys Lens Case

Project/Coffee Table: